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Dr. Jerry Gay, WB4TSF

My wife and I were involved in Katrina relief as amateur radio operators (Beckie - KC5DKG). God laid on our hearts the desire to make DR communications even better for Arkansas so I came back and led our association to develop a communications command center. Our desire was to have the best communications available in time of disaster and to be prepared for anything thrown our way.

The Arkansas Baptist State Convention got on board with us and we took over the operation of the state unit that was operating out of Unit One Feeding Unit. So that is how we came to be and what we are trying to do.

Presently, we are still building on the unit. It will sleep 3 to 6 comfortably. Especially good accommodations for husband and wife team. We have plans for a generator for the unit as well.

However, we have utilized 2 MFJ Power Strips connected directly to the two batteries for continuous DC supply. There is an onboard magellan satellite system which can deploy and be on station in less than 12 minutes. We have satellite phone, FAX and print capabilities as well as a four station computer network capability.

Antenna mast mounts on the rear of the unit.

Antenna mast mount with closer detail.

One view of our radio operating position.

Another angle of the radio operating position.

Whatever we can do to help, please let us know. We look forward to working closely with everyone.

For the Kingdom

Dr. Jerry Gay, WB4TSF

Updated 5-10-08