New D-Star Repeater installed on Sawnee Mountain near Cumming, Georgia

On 11-25-06 Terry Jones W4TL, Greg Sarratt W4OZK, Marty Passmore WD4J, Robin Cutshaw AA4RC and Doyle Gantt W4DJG met atop Sawnee Mountain to install a new D-Star repeater system. This D-Star Repeater system is an OPEN repeater system and is open to all amateur radio operators except during a disaster relief activation involving Southern Baptists.  During a disaster activation then it will become primarily a  link from the two portable D-Star repeaters that will be deployed to the field in a disaster to the North American Mission Board (NAMB) in Alpharetta Georgia and to the Salvation Army's Region Office in Atlanta.  During a disaster activation it's use will be limited to only Southern Baptist and Salvation Army Traffic and Messages.  Please feel free to use this repeater at any time other than during a disaster relif activation.

We had a beautiful day for the work. Comments were made that it was a bit odd having such great weather for repeater/antenna work. Seems we're use to installing such things in driving rain, bitter cold and even snow..

A new Diamond Tri-Band vertical antenna was mounted on an existing mast attached to the  building to enable us to get D-Star online. Several weeks later, an identical antenna was installed on the nearby tower providing much wider coverage. The one mounted to the building is now used as backup. 

The D-Star repeater call is KI4SBA and the frequencies are  145.20 (-600), 444.350 (+5.00) and 1284.400 (1.2GHZ) 


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Station WWEV Victory 91.5 FM of Cumming, Georgia graciously provided space within their transmitter building for the installation. This same site also houses the W4CBA repeater which belongs to the Chattahoochee Baptist Association. The W4CBA repeater serves the Atlanta area and also provides the NA4MB Echolink Node active 24/7 and remains online continually in conference mode and is also continually connected to the W4CBA-R Echolink repeater. The Echolink Node is 286635. If you are mobile in the metro Atlanta area you can contact NA4MB on the W4CBA UHF repeater on 444.625 MHZ PL 123 or connect to it via Echolink Node 192874. This allows yet another avenue to check into the SouthBear net on Sunday afternoons as well.

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