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Maryland, "The Old Line State"

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Delaware/Maryland Comm Unit Leader
Al Caho, KA3DYL

The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCM/D) currently has two feeding units, two recovery units, one laundry unit, and our communications unit in service. The Communications unit is a 14 foot CarMate trailer equipped with HF, VHF/UHF amateur and VHF (North American Missions) Business Band radio capacity.

National Capital SouthBEARS serves as the communications arm of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware and the Baptist Convention of the District of Columbia. The club call sign is W3MDB.

The unit also has a Starband portable satellite internet system serving a wireless router providing internet service to our command staff in the field. The unit is also designated and designed to serve as a mobile command post for our Chaplain units, equipped with several portable VHF radios on the NAMB business frequency.

The BCM/D Communications unit is owned by the Blue Ridge Association and operated by our National Capital Area SouthBEARS volunteers. This unit is the closest Baptist communications unit to our nations Capital.

Baptist Convention of MD/DE has a Yahoo Message Group:

Thanks to Al Caho for the information. Thanks for the new photos!

Updated 12-21-09