"Disaster Calling Frequencies"

We have identified a matrix of frequencies that
will be used during deployments. This will insure
that those communications teams and communicators
traveling into the disaster area will know what frequencies
to monitor for updates. These frequencies are as follows:

75 Meters 3865 Khz (plus or minus QRM)

40 Meters 7260 Khz (plus or minus QRM)

20 Meters 14.265 USB Primary (plus or minus QRM) This is SATERN's
primary frequency and is shared. It should be used for initial
contact purposes and then move to another frequency.

20 Meters 14.260 USB Secondary (plus or minus QRM)

2 Meters 147.555 simplex (carrier access/no PL tone)

Business Band 151.625 simplex (carrier access/no PL tone)

All of us are aware that no group has exclusive use of any frequency
no matter the purpose and it may be necessary that these frequencies
be adjusted up or down depending upon the situation.

Please make note of these frequencies for reference in case of
activation. Thanks in advance for your cooperation In HIS Name,

Terry Jones, W4TL
National Communications Coordinator

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