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Some forms are available in both 'PDF' (Adobe Acrobat Reader format and 'DOC' MS-Word document format. New forms and documents will be added as they come available. All 'PPT' items are MS-PowerPoint presentations and require the PowerPoint reader or full program to view.

Operations Manual

Southbears Operation Manual - DOC
Southbears Operation Manual - PDF
Southbears Army MARS MOU - PDF

Tactical Communications Presentation

Tactical Communications - PPT

Jump Kit Presentation

Jump Kit Training - PPT

CERT Basic Radio Operating Guide

CERT Basic Radio Operating Guide Part-I PPT
CERT Basic Radio Operating Guide Part-II PPT

Southbears Forms

Southbears ICS-133 Radio Log Form - PDF

Southbears Daily Report Form - DOC
Southbears Daily Report Form - PDF

ICS-213 Message Form - DOC
ICS-213 Message Form - PDF

ICS-214 Unit Log - DOC

Updated 8-20-08