Directed "SouthBears" Echolink Net

Each Sunday at 1500 Hrs. EDT/EST

The purpose of the Echolink Net is to give folks in other time zones or outside the HF coverage and those in other time zones who can't participate in the current informal Sunday afternoon Echolink gathering a chance to do so. Also, it will provide another outlet for the NCS experience and help folks to become familiar with Echolink.

We're continually in conference mode and we're also continually connected to the W4CBA-R Echolink repeater just North of the North American Mission Board near Atlanta. If you have Echolink capability you can connect to NA4MB at Echolink Node 286648. If you are mobile in the metro area you can contact NA4MB on the W4CBA UHF repeater on 444.625 MHZ PL 123 or connect to it via Echolink Node 192874.

Please direct your comments, suggestions and to sign up as an NCS to

the WEBMASTER and/or The Echolink Net Manager 

73  Dwayne Reynolds, KI4RUO,  Southbears Echolink Net Manager