As a courtesy to Net Control when you check into the net please give your call
signs SLOWLY and PHONETICALLY(standard international phonetics please)
so that the NCS can get you logged in correctly. This will save a lot of time
in having to repeat your call sign when you check in.

Also, to help reduce doubles when you call net control to check in, please give
the NCS call sign, then un-key and listen for a few seconds then continue to
check in. The NSC schedule can be found at 40 Meter NCS Schedule

Click HERE for a printable version of the script:



 CQ Southbears, CQ Southbears,  Calling members of The Southern Baptist Emergency Amateur Radio Service. 

This net gathers most Sunday afternoons beginning at 1500 Hrs. EDT/EST on or near 7.260 MHz plus or minus QRM. When band conditions prevent this net from establishing on or near 7.260, then net control may choose to search for an alternate frequency between 7.190 to 7.200 MHz.

Echolink users are reminded to check out the Southbears Echolink Net found on node #286648 or call sign node NA4MB-L. For information for this group check out our web page at:

The purpose of SouthBEARS is to fellowship with those involved in the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Communications Ministries. During a declared disaster, the SouthBEARS HF and SouthBEARS Echolink nets will be activated to handle traffic from Disaster Relief Units en-route or already on location at the declared disaster.

All check-in's are requested to provide call-sign suffix only. Stations will be given proper time to provide full call-sign ID for FCC requirements. When giving your information please speak slowly and use the International Telecommunications Union phonetic alphabet.

Your Net Control today is __(call-sign in phonetics)___.
My name is ____ and I'm located in the city of ______________

Before we continue with today's net, do we have any stations in the 5th call area willing to assist net control with NCS Relay duties?    (break)

Anyone in the 8th call area willing to assist as NCS Relay duty?     (break)

Anyone in the state of VA or NC in 4th call area?    (break)

All relays stations are requested when calling NCS with relay contacts to use their suffix only followed by the word "relay." As an example, this is "ZX with relay."

At this time net control will stand-by for stations with traffic or announcements. Remember, use call-sign suffix only, stations please call now.    (break)

Listening now for mobile stations, repeating, listening for mobile check-ins only....... please call now.    (break)

Do we have any relays for mobile contacts? Please call now.    (break)

Listening now for check-in"s from any call-sign area and state.    (break)

Listen for stations and recognize them as you hear them...

At this time your net control station for today would like thank all check-in's for their for participation in this net. Thanks to all relay help, especially ___________________.

This is (call-sign of NCS) closing this session of the South Bears Emergency Amateur Radio Service Net and returning 7.260 MHz. "or alternate frequency" back to normal amateur radio use.

May everyone receive a Blessed Week, this is (call sign of NCS) out.