SouthBear Scheduled Nets



Each Sunday--40 meters on 7260 Khz at 15:30 Eastern  

Each Sunday--20 meters 14.260-14.265 Mhz at 17:30 Eastern


Our MOU with The Salvation Army (TSA) has opened another doorway in expanding our communications capabilities by allowing us access to additional net resources with the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN).  SATERN has established regional and national HF nets, which meet on a daily basis.  TSA and SATERN are encouraging us, as SouthBears members, to check into their nets whenever possible and when doing so, to identify ourselves as SouthBears members.  This provides us with yet another resource, with which to accomplish our mission and goals, by utilizing these existing nets managed by fellow believers.

TSA / SATERN  Regional Nets
Region Country Day Time Frequency
International   M thru Sat 14:30 Z 14265 KHz USB
Eastern U.S. Saturday 14:00 Z 7265 KHz LSB
Southern U.S. Saturday 11:00 CT 7265 KHz LSB
Central U.S. Saturday 11:30 CT 7265 KHz LSB
Western U.S. Sunday 21:00 MT 3977.7 KHz LSB

When checking into a SATERN net, be sure to identify youself as a member of SouthBears.